Well, there was enough interest for last month's First Foursquare First Friday, where we played Foursquare (Learn what Foursquare is here) during Missoula's First Friday downtown, that we'll be doing it again. @MontanaMonica went to the most art galleries from 4 pm - 8 pm and won a growler of beer from me.

The second Foursquare First Friday (let's use #4sqFF to discuss this on Twitter) will take place this coming Friday the 5th of March, 2010, from 4-8pm in Missoula, MT. Whoever checks into the most art galleries, wins. Only checkins into art galleries count. No checkins to other non-gallery businesses, homes, cars, or secret lairs. What do we count as art galleries? Well, any venues on Foursquare tagged "gallery". To make it easier on the judges (ie Me), just try to refrain from checking into other places while downtown for First Friday. That being said, if you end up stopping at Liquid Planet (or someplace else) for a break during the art walk, then by all means: checkin. It'll just make it easier to count checkins later if they all are galleries. Also, when you checkin to your 10th gallery, you should get the Warhol badge. I got 8 galleries last month, so I'm hoping to get mine early in the night this week. :)

I like to think of Foursquare as a Serendipity Enhancer, a Game that makes you move, a way to meet people you normally wouldn't, and a way to explore your everyday neighborhood in a way that you normally wouldn't. Foursquare First Friday is a great way to experience that. While you're downtown, be sure to post where your favorite art is, where the good food and drink is, and make an effort to meet up with the people you see checking in nearby. Also, don't forget that we're all out to see some art, meet some people, and have a good time, so try not to spend the whole time looking at your phone instead of enjoying your surroundings. (I'm guilty of this). Of course, it'll be impossible to not look at it, but I always try to strike a balance.

Lastly, these are the Foursquare venues currently set up that are tagged "gallery". There's enough there to get the Warhol badge from scratch, but anybody can feel free to tag any other venues that are galleries.

Zoo Town Brew
121 W Broadway St

Rocky Mountain School of Photography
216 N Higgins

Dana Gallery
246 N Higgins

The Artist's Shop
304 N. Higgins

The Celtic Connection
114 East Main Street

135 N Higgins

Cat's Eye Design
137 E Main

415 North Higgins Ave

Missoula Art Museum
335 North Pattee St

Studio D
420 N Higgins

Dolack Monte Gallery
139 West Front St

ZACC Zootown Arts Community Center
235 N 1st St W

Butterfly Herbs
232 N Higgins