I think Facebook Lists can be really helpful, especially when friend count gets higher. I'd recommend creating these lists: Inner Circle, Family, Outer Rim, & then for each era of your life: High School, College, Oregon Buddies, etc. I mainly use these to view updates from all those people collectively. If I haven't been checking FB often, the "Inner Circle" list is a great one for catching up on lots of the updates I don't want to miss. You can also use these lists to filter who sees your updates as well. Ever clicked the little lock next to the Share button in the update box? Hit Customize. It has a section to be able to specifically show it to a list or specifically hide it from a list. It says people, but the box will accept list names. So you can post an update and hide it from the entire Family list for example. Finally, the Privacy settings allows for quite a bit of control on who sees what on your profile. So, you can set it up to have a heavy filter on your profile info (sincerely personal stuff), for anybody on the Outer Rim list. This might sound harsh, but these are the people that would of just goten deleted before. People can also be on multiple lists too. Lots is possible.