I'm moving out of Missoula, MT to Portland, OR this week. I've been looking forward to this move for about 3 years now and am now in the position to be able to make it out. For my entire life I've watched the rest of the world run while Montana walks. Fortunately, the Internet is awesome and I've been able to keep up (that and traveling out many times). But let's face it, that's like running on a treadmill at home, while you could be out with others running. That all being said, I've love Montana and the people here dearly. An appreciation for walking will always be held by me (believe it or not), and I feel that after a while running with the world, I'll implore them to slow down and soak in what is amazing around them. Sorry for the loose analogy, but it somehow feels appropriate. Anyway, I'm currently still doing freelance Web Design work, but am looking for a part time or full time web job with an established agency. If you're interested, please visit my Portfolio and get a hold of me if interested. Other than that, I'm looking forward to soaking in the city and using that wonderful public transport to check out those amazing breweries I hear so much about (not like we don't have great beer in Montana...). Also, I'm really looking forward to driving around the surrounding 90 miles and seeing what I can see, hiking some hills, and sleeping in some old growth forests. So if anyone's curious, here's roughly where I'm living. I threw if off a couple of blocks, so don't even think of robbing these guys after I check in on Foursquare somewhere ;)