When you go from face to face communication to phone calls, we lose the deep, unconscious story that body language tells, and gain the ability to discuss with another, irrelevant of distances between. When you go from verbal communication to written, the intonation and emphasis that the voice places upon the words chosen is lost, but the ability to respond at any time is gained. When you go from written communications sent to a single addressee to broad social networks, the ability to tailor your message to your specific audience, the context, is lost, and the ability to loosely address a vast array of friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, and others it gained, while opening up potential for discussion between them as well. All of these have specific advantages and disadvantages, and I believe you shouldn't get stuck using only one. Bounce between them as needed. Start a conversation on Facebook, finish it on a phone call, and follow up with a text message. Choose the form that best suites the situation. Just a few thoughts.