I just watched 2 construction workers take a payload of glass panes from their site up to the edge of the jungle and toss pane after pane into the jungle. It was really sad to watch. No concern given to the beautiful area they live in, Railay Beach in the gorgeous area of Krabi, Thailand. Or maybe no better way to dispose of it and I just don't understand the way things are. However, I simply refuse to believe that it is OK. It was obviously know as wrong at some level to them since right after I walked up drop jawed and started to pull my camera out, they stopped and took a couple steps back. After I walked on I looked back to see them resume their environmental neglect. I came back about 10 minutes later and took some pictures of the glass landing zone and then another shot of them filling up another payload of glass to be thrown into the "pristine" jungle. Boo!