I went on a 6 night rafting trip with my Dad on the Main Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, an 80 miles stretch of river through one of the most remote areas left in the lower US. SO awesome. I've been rafting with my Dad since I was 4, and being able to camp while rafting is truly one of the most enjoyable experiences. Being able to throughly disconnect from the external world is so cleansing and appreciated. I had no idea what time it was most of the time and even lost track what day it was a time or two. This river is called the "River of No Return" as it pretty much is one-way trips from East Idaho to West Idaho only. It is also the 2nd deepest river gorge in the continent, even deeper than the Grand Canyon, although it doesn't feel like it as much since it's a series of false summits. It flows into the deepest river gorge afterwards, the Snake River cutting through Hell's Canyon.




The above video was filmed and put together by Brandon Iverson. At 2:33, the boat I'm running goes through a Class 4 Rapid that tosses all 3 of us out.