Evan Lovely

Evan Lovely

CTO at Basalt

Portland, Oregon, US




I am a Full Stack Developer with roots as a Front End Web Developer starting my career in 2007. I'm extremely proficient with the latest trends in tech and actively incorporate them to improve my methods. I've taught myself my skill set, continue to add to it, and love self-education. Possessing a degree in Psychology and being a natural people-person allows me to engage productively with the members of my team and bring out the best ideas in all of us.

I've worked with big organizations like Pinterest, United Nations, Paramount Pictures, Estee Lauder, and Time and understand the challenge of scale. I am part of the core Pattern Lab team on GitHub and was integral in the release of version 2 and care deeply about component design; even being quoted in Brad Frost's book Atomic Design about integrating it into Drupal sites!

Main Skills: Front End Architecture, Strong JavaScript skills and experience with ES6, Node.js, React.js, WebPack, and Express; Responsive Web Design with an emphasis on reusable & modular components, use of fully integrated Style Guides & Component Libraries, Drupal Theming & Development, and thorough tooling knowledge using Gulp, Docker, NPM scripts, Yeoman, Bash, Jenkins, Travis, Git, Mocha, and Visual Regression Testing.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • CTOBasalt

    Jun, 2016 - Present

    Basalt is a digital agency based in the philosophy of Component Driven Development. We create API’s for brands using libraries of components that power experiences on the web, micro-sites, native apps, social, and point-in-time communication channels.

    • Creating reusable components that power your technology - Basalt unlocks the efficiency and power of Component Driven Development and puts it to work for your company.

    • A team of experts that can help you simplify your technology and craft a common language - Basalt streamlines your change management with strategic technology consulting that ensures your company reuses functionality and design.

    • Talented developers that can simplify, create consistency, and help you scale - Basalt’s systems, tools and solutions give you the power to shape your brand, keep it true, and broadcast it seamlessly to the world.

    • Building Design Systems that scale using tools like Pattern Lab to create style guides and component libraries.

  • Software ArchitectPhase2

    Feb, 2014 - May, 20162 years 3 months

    At Phase2 I implement front end design systems at a very large scale for some of the largest Drupal sites in the world. Advocating for reusable components to help bring disparate designs into unison across multiple pages, sections, and even whole sites of a platform is a mission of mine, resulting in major savings to the implementation stage of our projects. Additionally, I've introduced and maintained a wide array of Node.js tooling for our teams.

    • Implemented React JS apps for live competition updates for BassMaster and Arsenal Football Club

    • Implemented the front end for MAC Cosmetics and Estee Lauder; a huge platform site with 26 sub-themes and translations that place it in over 136 countries.

    • Introduced and maintain internal Gulp front end build tools, p2-theme-core used widely internally and across our clients organizations; placing it in the top 8% of npm packages

    • Created internal Yeoman generator that utilizes several other internal Yeoman generators that is used to scaffold out all new sites.

    • Championed usage of Pattern Lab that introduced the use of Style Guides, Component Libraries, and Prototyping Tools for projects and dramatically improved our process doing so. I presented this at DrupalCon 2014 LA and DrupalCon 2017 Baltimore.

  • Senior Front End Web Developer, Evan Lovely Design

    Jan, 2013 - Feb, 20141 year 1 month

    Highly experienced front end web developer specializing in responsive & mobile theme development for Drupal & Wordpress.

    • Received a responsive design award for work on Sutter Home Winery.

  • Lead Front End Web DeveloperOMBU Web

    Sep, 2010 - Aug, 20132 years 11 months

    Taking the initial design from Photoshop mockup to rock solid HTML, browser-aware flexible CSS, and powerful jQuery themes most often integrated into Drupal is my specialty. Aware of emerging trends, CSS3 and HTML5 techniques are implemented in forward thinking ways while also providing alternate means to similar experiences in less-able browsers. Most work done here is White Label, so I'm not able to share my work publicly, however my client list & work can be shared privately; please ask if interested!

    • Single handily implemented front end for Paramount Pictures

  • Web Designer, Drupal Developer, CSS/jQuery Ninja, CEO, Evan Lovely Design

    Apr, 2010 - Dec, 20108 months

    Specializing in Drupal theming & configuration, I can take any mockup and convert it into not only a pixel perfect theme across multiple browsers, but a functioning Drupal site, complete with setup & configuration. I'm also able to discuss your vision and turn it into a design that fits your organizations style while keeping a clean, sleek feel that will be very useable for people experiencing your site.

  • Webmaster, NewWest.net

    Aug, 2008 - May, 20099 months

    I handled everything web related for this online web publishing company: maintenance of their existing site built on ExpressionEngine, expansions of the site with specific local sections for several cities, several micro-sites for conferences, & all social media management. In addition, I moved their existing email servers to a more advanced Google Apps setup that involved email, shared docs & calendaring, a wiki, and an internal IM system.All technical support for the roughly dozen Mac users of the company was also handled by me, and I was able to suggest several changes to user's workflow that resulted in higher efficiency working together in disparate remote environments.

  • Project Manger, Designer, Front End Drupal Developer, CEO., freeStyle Media

    Dec, 2006 - Apr, 20103 years 4 months

    I started this business with a partner and have built it from the ground up.All major aspects of the business were handled by me personally:Web Design, Client Acquisition and Negotiation of terms, Project Management, Branding, Marketing & Social Media, SEO, & even Accounting.We specialized in creating web sites using Content Management Systems (Drupal,WordPress, & SlideshowPro). My speciality is handling all theming of the site, using CSS, HTML, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP & MySQL, but am very adept at the development side of things.All work is done adhering to Web Standards with attention paid to many different browsers.
    Our most prominent client is the United Nations, which we helped by redesigning the Stand Against Poverty site (http://standagainstpoverty.org) so that it could count participants across the world during it's weekend event.The 174 million participants the site counted helped them gain a Guinness World Record.

  • Network & Computer Technician, Consul Comp Technologies

    Jan, 2001 - Dec, 200111 months

    Fixed all sorts of problems on individual computers, business wide networks, and servers for a multitude of companies in a great technical consulting shop where the next youngest person was a decade older than me.



  • Master
    CSSJavaScriptES 6HTMLSassGulpGruntDrupal 7Drupal 8Theme DevelopmentResponsive Web DesignBrowser/Device TroubleshootingjQueryJiraGitHubBitBucket
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate


  • Psychology and Media Arts, Bachelor, University of Montana

    Jan, 2002 - Jun, 2006



  • Responsive Web Design People's Choice Award

    Awarded on: Nov 01, 2013

    Received for my work on Sutter Home Winery.

    Award Description:
    Browser compatibility is for beginners. Elegance across 10 different laptops, 8 tablets, and 605 styles of smart phones takes next level developer mojo. Show me your mojo.



  • The New Design Workflow , DrupalCon LA Presentation

    Published on: Jun 01, 2015

    While many teams are stuck in the "design first, develop second, theme last" way of doing things, we link our multidisciplinary teams together by a common vehicle: design systems. Each piece of the system, including our prototyping tools, live within the platform, allowing us to integrate processes like creative design, prototyping, front-end methodology, and implementation. We call this "The New Design Workflow."

  • Pattern Lab: Taking Our Workflow from a Linear to Parallel Process , Phase2 Blog

    Published on: Mar 01, 2016

    Pattern Lab is many wonderful things: a style guide, a component inventory, a prototyping system, and the embodiment of a design philosophy, all wrapped inside a fundamentally simple tool – a static site generator. It has greatly improved Phase2’s approach to how we build, theme, and design websites. Let’s talk about what Pattern Lab is, how we use it in our process by integrating it into the theme of a CMS like Drupal or WordPress, and the resulting change in our development workflow from linear to parallel.

  • Implementing PatternLab in Drupal Themes, DevSigner 2015

    Published on: Jun 28, 2015

    Workshop at DevSigner conference showing attendees how to implement a Prototyping tool and styleguide inside a Drupal theme.

  • Front End Fundamentals, DevSigner 2014

    Published on: May 23, 2014

    Presentation on the basic fundamentals of front end development



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  • Martin Rio

    I feel lucky to have worked next to Evan for about two years. Over this time, I saw him evolve as a developer and teammate at an astonishing rate. His passion for the Web, sharp wits, and dedication to learning drive him every day to refine his skills, learn new technologies and methods. His presence in the office was a source of positive energy and he never spared an opportunity to help and share his knowledge with others. All along, I always knew I could count with his help, support, and great attitude, regardless of the circumstance.

    What I find most impressive about Evan is his well-roundedness: he's as strong of a designer, as he's a developer, communicator, and team-member - not to mention his mad yoga, photography, teaching, chai-making, and myriad other skills. Evan is fantastic front-end developer, learner, teacher, and overall human being. If you have an opportunity to work with him you should not pass on it.

  • Ryan Miglavs

    Evan is a front-end developer I love to work with: time and again he's crafted lovely and stable HTML/CSS/JS for my organization's websites, and I have to say each launch has been a major success. It's been a pleasure to work with Evan over the last couple of years, as we've had the opportunity to develop an excellent working partnership and learn from each other (this guy knows a ton about things like responsive design!). Besides all that, Evan is a kind, caring, open-minded guy who's as great at sharing travel adventure stories as he is detailing the intricacies of CSS3.

  • Martha Humphrey

    Evan is a strong Front-end developer with the ability to come up with creative solutions for web development including responsive sites using HTML5 CSS3 and jQuerrry. He is excellent at trouble-shooting and not afraid to jump in to tough jobs and write clean code. Additionally he can do Drupal theming. Evan is a very nice person, with high integrity — really reliable and an expert in the field. I love working with him!

  • Greg Boggs

    Evan is a developer who stays ahead of the technology curve. His skill as a front-end developer is outstanding. And, working with him was an amazingly valuable learning experience in modern web development.

  • Tu Vu

    Evan has the right disposition for success. He's dedicated, passionate, and will fight for your cause to the bitter end. We hired Evan and his firm to develop a global website for us and through many a roadblock, Evan persevered through many a sleepless night. The end product was well received and we thank Evan for being not a vendor, but a member of our team. Evan is the right man for the job.

  • Anna Chapman

    Working with Evan has been simply Lovely. His go getter attitude and witty catchphrases brightened the office and kept the team in good spirits. Evans vast knowledge of emerging technologies and genuine interest in his craft shines through his work. His knack for teaching and sharing his passion for all things relating to the web are truly inspiring.

  • Monica Bourgeau

    I have worked with Evan on several occasions through Social Media Club and have always been impressed with his knowledge and application of social media, programming, and technology.

    Evan has served as a presenter on social media and technology-related topics on more than one occasion for our organization and always does an excellent job. His enthusiasm is contagious and he makes learning about technical subjects both interesting and fun.

    Evan is a exceptional individual with high personal integrity and a willingness to share his vast wealth of knowledge. He is extremely easy to work with and is great team player.

    I would highly recommend Evan as a speaker, as well as for any position in the technology or social media industry.

  • Patrick Gill

    Evan is a technology master with skills that range from great design to solid coding. He is motivated and can always find innovative solutions to difficult problems.

  • Greg Boggs

    Even is a developer who stays ahead of the technology curve. His skill as a front-end developer is outstanding. And, working with him was an amazingly valuable learning experience in modern web development.

  • Ryan Douglas

    Evan was great to work with from start to finish. He provided excellent feedback for our ideas and was instrumental in translating those ideas onto the web.

  • Seth Martin

    Evan Lovely is a wonderful business partner, very detail oriented, with a great eye for design.

  • Molly Haislmaier Bradford

    Evan has the uncanny ability to speak both Geek, English and various incantation of what I call "Geeklish." This, combined with a high-energy, a desire to perform quality work, introduce appropriate time-saving technologies, and good creative implementation make Evan a great tech-savvy choice.

  • Don Larson

    I would never hesitate to recommend Evan for any technical work. Evan has a strong work ethic and his customers were always satisfied with his strong skill-set and ability to satisfy, both from a technical and customer service point of view.

  • Robyn Woodhall

    Evan is very knowledgeable with the technology needed in todays web world. I have enjoyed working with his company..