Aspirations in Computing is a talent development initiative designed to increase female participation in technology careers by providing encouragement, visibility, community, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and internships to aspiring technically inclined young women. The award is hosted by NCWIT and has received national attention, even from The White House, for its help and service for young woman in Technology.

I was pulled in as the Front End Drupal Developer by Aten Design Group to implement the designs in a mobile-first and responsive design way. No mobile comps were given, and it was up to me to implement the mobile and tablet designs from a small number of comps and style guides; an approach I enjoyed and think works very well in a project like this. The majority of the layout and site structure was specified in a thorough set of wireframes that specified the Information Architecture. Additionally, I had access to the graphic designer, who could help design me out of any intricate situations that needed assistance. Having the back and forth iterative, agile process here over the traditional Waterfall Development approach works much better in my opinion, especially with mobile and responsive web design.

The small, tight team at Aten worked in a continuously agile and iterative approach to push this project through professionally in the tight deadline we had before the scholarship application process began that would bring heavy traffic and participation to the site. I am thankful to of worked with such adept, skilled, and happy people on a project that truly is helping people out to aspire (pun intended) in this world. I truly believe that students and education is at the forefront of areas that need help and will in turn help this whole world out. My thanks go out to Matthew Saunders the Project Manager, Ken Woodworth the Graphic Designer, Clayton Dewey the Site Builder, Karyn Cassio the Back-End Developer, and Chris Coughlan the Quality Assurance specialist for all being such a great team to work with.



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