Here's a list of my favorite Alfred Workflows (basically plugins). The paid "PowerPack" is needed for all of these. Plenty more can be found in the Alfred Forum - I suggest filtering the list by "Most Replies" or "Most Viewed".

  • Colors - Color picker and convert between Hex/HSL/RSG
  • Pinboard - Search your Pinboard bookmarks.
  • Rdio - Live search Rdio. There's one for Spotify too.
  • Search Browser Tabs - Live search of all open Chrome/Safari tabs. I'd go insane without this one.
  • Shorten URL - Take a URL and make it short!
  • TerminalFinder - Bounce current directory between Finder and Terminal/iTerm
  • Send URL - Sends the current browsers URL to another browser
  • Reminders - I don't use the Reminders app for task management, but they work great for quick "reminders". Especially useful is the r this command which creates a reminder with a link back to what you are on: email or web page are two used frequently by me.
  • StackOverflow Search with Auto-Complete - I search for help all the time and usually the info that's formatted the best is here; love the auto completion as well!