Welcome to my notes section! I try to maintain and constantly update the information on these pages. Think of them as my personal wiki of information that I want to share – enjoy!

International Travel Tips
I heard someone mention these offhandedly once and they instantly resonated with me as true. I did some online searches trying to find more info about them and couldn't fine anything; if someone knows something about them, please mention them to me.
My Photography Gear
The sensor on that camera is a half cropped sensor of a 35mm/full frame camera; so my 20mm lens feels like a 40mm lens on a full frame camera.
My Bucket List
Welcome to my Bucket List. Inspired by Sean Ogle, Cody McKibben, and many others, I've decided to publicly keep a list of things I want to do before I die (or kick the bucket as the lists namesake is inspired by). I hope that the public nature of this inspires me to not let the opportunities pass that I claim to want. It's much easier to make excuses to yourself why you didn't do something that it is to explain to others why you didn't. Anyway, here goes:
Drupal & Pattern Lab Twig Tricks
I like this approach as it keeps it easy to read, and git diffs are easier to understand as well. I think that the concept of including something and setting a value like isDark to true and getting a BEM Modifier class added works really well.