Here's all my keyboard shortcuts I have set up for window management using Moom, which could be set up for Divvy (a former favorite) or any other similar app. Super easy to remember once you get the hang of it and how it's all using the same modifier keys and the keys are on the same row. I especially like the 1/3 left/right and 2/3 left/right combos. The corner ones get used lots too. Check out Moom if you still use a mouse to move windows around.

My Mac Window Management Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Window Management Keyboard Shortcuts

Changes to my software setup

I'm using Moom over Divvy now as my Mac window management utility of choice. I've updated my Mac Setup Page with the changes below to show this. Be sure to check it out for other great tips!

Updating Mac Window Manger from Divvy to Moom. Adding shortcuts I use.
-* [Divvy]( - Effortless window management
+* [Moom]( - Effortless window management. Here's all my [keyboard shortcuts for window management](moom-window-management-shortcuts.png).