Hello World! Here it is: the next major iteration of my personal site, and I must say I’m quite proud. I’ve always had an idea of what a good medium for myself would entail, and this is easily the closest my website has come to having the capability and the correct presentation of what I’d like to share with all of you.

A lot has changed. In fact, nothing is really the same as it has all been built from the ground on up. In a nutshell, this is what we’ve got.

Look & Feel

An improved and updated look across the board. Nothing from the old design was kept, save the approach and style. There’s a completely liquid and responsive web redesign to present my content to smartphone users and those who want to enjoy it on a huge monitor. Resize your browser a bunch if you have a sec. It’s worth it!


The photo section I’ve always wanted, with complete control over the presentation of my images, a dedicated page for each album and photo that allows for comments and shares (please do!) for each. Additionally, it allows me the ability to custom-set a one, two, or three column presentation for each album. Each album is able to shine as I present them correctly.


A versatile outlet for my words and ideas as I’ve split my blog into four categories: tech, photos, yoga, and personal, which will allow me to show my deep passion for each of these subjects to the audience which with it’ll relate the most. The Personal category is not only that, but a catch-all category that will contain thoughts on travel, outdoors, gear reviews, music, and other interesting-to-me-and-awesome topics that don’t quite fit in the other categories. All of them share tags to help cross-category categorization. Additionally, each post in any category contain several “post formats” that allow me to cater the presentation of full-form article style blog posts, interesting quotes, helpful links, galleries of images, or simple and straight-forward updates.


I now have a Portfolio of my web design and development work that contains only the best of my work. As I’ve built sites across the years I realize that the way to present yourself best as an asset is to show your process, how you arrived at the optimal solution, and most importantly how it was implemented. My new portfolio section is catered to allow me to present that work, process, and approach.

Freelance Services

After years of freelancing, then years of working with a company, I’m ready to freelance again. This site redesign is part of that, along with the Services Page. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m ready to help others with what I’ve learned. I’ve listed the obvious ways I can be the best asset in the aspirations of others here, mainly web design, theme development, responsive redesign, mobile web projects and more. I’m excited to apply my enthusiasm and creativity to the myriad of projects that lie ahead, and even more excited to come across all the ones that I haven’t foreseen, push me further, and that help others.

I’m extremely excited about all of this, but that’s because I know what it could do, not what it does. I expect minimal enthusiasm to this “release," but I hope for nothing but the best in the months and years to come as I share something of true, delightful value that helps and instigates growth in all that come across these words, lessons, and experiences.