My buddy and I had an email back and forth that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the newly released iPad. On Jan 27, 2010, at 1:04 PM, Flavio Loetscher wrote: Apple once again shows the well elaborated line between user and hardware. A beauty of an iPad, I gotta say. It must be super awesome to read books on that device, share videos & pics, or even read the NewYorkTimes and use the apps. Starting with 499$ this is a great deal but in my opinion a bit unnecessary for iPhone users... having an iPhone is awesome, linking to your mac is even better - iPad truly is a new category of devices... it's pretty much luxury to watch videos on iPad when you could watch them on your macbook. And to type longer messages, I am not really optimistic with the iPad. Furthermore the apps will need to be updated in order to make them look good on the iPad. I am really really looking forward to holding one of those babies in my hands. I kinda see a easy-going sunday in front of me - purchasing a book from the ibookstore, checking out newspapers and watching videos with it, nothing more. Or a great tool for conferences or in the kitchen for recipes... I am still very very happy with my Macbook pro and iphone which perfectly fit together. I see iPad as an additional tool for luxury. No money right now but if I bought one it would just be for fun :) Good job Steve! I really love the user interface and how it is design and created to push the user experience on a new level. Big up. What do you think about it? Flav
I agree with most of what you said. I do think that there will be another "goldrush" with all the new apps that could come out. Now that there's more advanced hardware & a bigger screen, some of the apps that weren't really appropriate can be made available on the iPad. The fact that Apple put out iWork on it shows that the iPad is ready to take on that middle ground of apps between laptops & iPhone. No one would take class notes on an iPhone. Also, the Brushes app shows this as well. I think that since all iPhone apps will work on it is a really good thing as the iPad will be able to hit the ground running. Just think: an un-updated Evernote. That'd be nice, huh? Having that full keyboard will really speed up data entry nicely. Also, since you can move photos/videos directly onto the iPad via SD card/USB, that'll be really nice for photographers and videographers in the field. Also, that same group of people have a GREAT portfolio showing off device. The iBooks will do well, but I still think that the Kindle is a superior reading device as it doesn't shoot light into your eyes. Have you got to hold a Kindle? Much better way to read text. The eyes instantly feel more relaxed. Overall, I think that people will end up using there computer for recreation less and less and end up just using for work. I can see iPhone/iPad being the preferred and most enjoyed way to consume News, Photos, Videos, Social Media, & other leisurely media. The students will definitely be using this, that's for sure. But, with all the creative professionals: still using a Mac Laptop/Desktop for the majority of their work. And finally, I think that the $499 price tag for the entry model sounds better than what I thought. I have a feeling that most reviews will end with: "considering all the pros & cons of the iPad, we think that it's all a great entry into the Apple lineup with it's price". Cheers, Evan PS I'll probably get one if I can sell off some tech equipment that'll get me to the 32GB WiFi model.